Brahmanism is an ancient religion. Some presume it to be dead. Some confuse it with an occupational caste (jati) or a large social community (varna). Some believe all religions are harmful. Some confuse atheism with irreligiousness.

Brahmanism is a religion similar to Judaism and Zoroastrianism. In the sense that Brahmanism is a living tradition. Brahmins are priests of Brahmanism, just like Rabbis and Maggies are the priests of Judaism and Zoroastrianism.

However Brahmanism need not be a closed community of people. It can be egalitarian like Buddhism, Jainism or Shamism.

In the 21st century AD, we don’t have to believe in irrational things. We need not have to believe in ‘God’, nor do we need to be hostile to those who believe.

Brahmanism, at its core, can be Nature worship. Brahman can be the universe as we know it. Perhaps ‘Cosmos’ is the word we are looking for?

Through this website, we hope to introduce Brahmanism to those who are curious, and those who wish to preserve this ancient religious tradition.