Everyday Brahmanism

In this post we make suggestions on how to practice Brahmanism everyday.

1. Wear the thread around the torso.

Both men, women and others. Anyone following Brahmanism can wear the thread irrespective of caste or gender.

It is an ancient practice. Jews and the Zorastrians also wear a cloth on their body. It is not visible to others and is non-intrusive to other’s sensibilities.

2. Learn Brahmanism

The point of wearing the thread is not just ceremonial. Its a motivational factor to continue to learn about our religion. The Brahma Sutras, Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmanas, and if you are so inclined, the Epics and Puranas.

3. Learn Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the religion of Brahmanism. Just as Hebrew for Judaism, Avesta for Zoroastrianism, Pali for Buddhism, the oldest texts and the majority of works on Brahmanism are written in Sanskrit. Anyone who wants to fully understand our religion will do well to learn Sanskrit.

4. Observe rituals.

Rituals don’t harm anyone. Whether its the daily Sandhya vandhan, tharpanas for our ancestors, yagnas when possible, and rituals related to life events (birth, upanayana, vivaha, death), each of these rituals are thousands of years old. Lets carry this heritage for future generations.

5. Be rational.

Puranas and Itihasas were meant for the illiterate. They should not be taken literally. They have more entertainment value than religious value. Practice Brahmanism like you would in 21st century Modern Republic of India, not like 500 AD in the Gupta era.